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BSM Features, Spotlights & Interviews!
"Think speed, think Burbank Speed" - Dave Akard 1978
Popular Hot Rodding: August 2004
Tech; "Insanely Fast", What It Really Takes To Swap EFI. By Mike Petralia
Performance Business: June 2004
Headline Story;"Burbank Speed & Machine, Hard-Core Race Shop". By Don Weberg
Popular Hot Rodding: September 2002
Tech; "To The Extreme", Building a Nitrous Big Block for Street-Legal Drag Racing. By Mike Petralia
Super Chevy: August 2002
Technical; "Max Rat", Super Chevy Builds A 1330HP Nitrous Rat. By Mike Petralia
Camaro Performers: Summer 2002
Technical; "Trading Spacers"; How To Make More Power With ADominator. By Mike Petralia

Super Chevy: February 2001
Technical; "Mean Little Rodent"; Making Big Power With A Small Rat. By Mike Petralia
Truckin': November 1999
Technical; "Low-Budget Building Blocks Part 2". By Don Ryder & Dan Sanchez
Hot Rod: June 1999
Cover Story; "Some Assembly Required", How to Build a 700HP Pump-Gas Rat. By Mike Petralia
All American Chevys: April/May 1999
Featured Centerfold Car; "Time Machine 57' Chevy". Story by Dan Kahn
Chevy High Performance: June 1996
Cover Story; Proper Assembly Techniques, "Freedom of Assembly" by Jim Resnick
Car Craft: February 1996
Cover Story; "Street Racing-Who's got the fastest car?" By John Kiewcz
Popular Hot Rodding: January 1996
Technical; "Turbo Tech", How To Build A Tough Street/Strip Turbo Buick V6 by Matt Hardesty
Popular Hot Rodding: September 1995
Technical; "Triple Threat", How to Restify Pontiac's Legendary Three-Carb, Tri-Power Induction System. By Matt Hardesty
4 Wheel & Off-Road: December 1994
Technical; "Supercharger Savvy"; What it takes to install a 6-71 Blower. By Ed Fortson
Chevy High Performance: April 1993
Tech; "Check Please", A Basic Engine Rebuilding Checklist for first-timers. By Sue Elliot
National Dragster: May 31, 1991
Special Issue, Cover Story; "Engine Builders Guide," Recognized Engine Builders, Your Guide to Building Power.
Automotive Rebuilder: November 1989
Feature Story; "Fast Market for Fast Engines". By Dave Miley

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